Tips & tricks for finding
a job as a programmer


Marius BalĨytis

About 30 minutes of...

  • Types of companies: what to expect?
  • A bit about Paysera
  • Typical job interview
  • What really matters (at least for us)
  • Your questions

Where do you want to work?

Types of companies

Project based

Product based

Usual characteristics

Project based

Product based

  • Frequently start over
  • Maintain and improve single product
  • Result oriented (short term)
  • Quality oriented (long term)
  • Simpler systems
  • More complicated
  • Expects quicker results
  • Invests in teaching
  • Small to large scale
  • Small to large scale

What about Paysera?

  • Product based
  • Oriented in long-term results
    • Code quality
    • Tools, automation, infrastructure
    • Constant learning and teaching
  • Challenging problems, non-trivial systems

What does that mean?

  • Very much to learn
  • Can be overwhelming at beginning

What should I look for?

The right amount of challenge

Typical job interview

What you'll probably have to do

  • Talking about stuff (soft skills)
  • Answering technical questions (hard skills)
  • Coding (hard skills in practice)

Some advice?

  • Don't lie
    • If you've copy-pasted some code, just say so
    • It's still really important to understand it
  • Don't guess
    • If you don't know for sure, I need to know that you'd google it
  • Don't take my advice for granted ;)

The important stuff

Hard-skills are not everything

  • Motivation to create together with us
  • Responsibility for your work
  • Constant learning

Do we require university diploma?

  • Nope
  • It's a plus, if you managed to learn things there
    • If not, it's a minus
  • You can learn anywhere
    • Important thing is that you would

Practice is everything

  • Theory alone is not an option
  • Try to find what motivates you
    • Only money? Won't last too long
  • Make anything to get results
    • Only then look to code quality

Time for your questions!